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"Berlin-Nashville Express" (2019)

“This is a modern day gem that has arrived under the radar at RMHQ but deserves a huge audience not just around the world; but especially in and around Music Row, Nashville TN."

     - The Rocking Magpie

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"On Berlin-Nashville Express, Bambi Lee Savage has done a mosh pit worthy job of reigniting the intersection of punk and country."

     - Twangville

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"Her new album is a pearl in the Americana-country style with just enough small influences worked in for me to remain firmly hooked on. Somehow every song seems to take the exact right change in the chords and melodies. Yes, they will all be the logical one to take, yet sound so right it sticks out and draws me in. Her oh so pleasant voice does the rest. The Berlin - Nashville Express is the train to catch folks."

     - WoNoBloG

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"This is a fine, fine country album. It's so good that we should all hope Savage's future work is just as inspired."

     - Bloggerhythms

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"Darkness Overshadowed" (2012)

"Savage's strengths lie in her ability to mix sugary sweet melodies with dark undertones. On "Oh Loneliness," her voice softly whispers bittersweet lyrics overtop a simple acoustic guitar, yet the overall haunting ambience is still apparent"

     - farah barakat, exclaim!

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"On Bambi Lee Savage's third solo album, she continues to show that the moody, Lee Hazlewood in Europe kick that she locked into with her move to Berlin in the 1980s remains strong -- and not for nothing does longtime friend and collaborator Mick Harvey act as producer. "Nearly Gone" is when things first slide into that fully dark and slinky approach, but there's a calm variety throughout; if Savage generally holds toward a central singing style and bass has a key role in all the songs, then there's still plenty to note individually, like the shuddering background percussion that introduces and holds throughout "No Stranger to Sorrow," aside from a couple of well-chosen breaks."

     - Ned Raggett,

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"Savage’s newest album, Darkness Overshadowed, finds her working with Mick Harvey, former member of the Bad Seeds and producer of PJ Harvey’s award-winning Let England Shake. Together, the two create a moody, nocturnal kind of Americana. Songs like “Nearly Gone” sound like the soundtrack for a late-night drive across an empty landscape, with nothing but your own haunted thoughts to keep you company."

     - Andrew Leahey, American Songwriter

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"Dark Americana rules supreme in Easy Way, Take Me Down and Waiting. Folk gets an outing in Elsinore. She mastered German during her stay in Berlin and on Nicht Mehr she comes off like an updated version of Marlene Dietrich."

     - Here Comes the Flood

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